Rob Gronkowski on CBD


Rob Gronkowski is an athlete who needs no introduction. At least for anyone who is a fan of the NFL. Whether you love or hate the New England Patriots, face it, you have to admit that Gronkowski made his presence felt every time he stepped onto the field of play.

A Plague of Injuries

It probably comes as no surprise that professional level football is a high impact, high pain industry to be in. Gronkowski was no exception. While the high-profile athlete has three Super Bowl wins to his name, he also has nine seasons riddled with injuries, which Sports Illustrated reports, including:

  • High ankle sprain requiring arthroscopic surgery
  • Forearm fractures (causing him to miss five games, and a second one causing him to undergo three additional surgeries)
  • Inguinal hip pull
  • Back vertebral fracture (requiring back surgery)
  • Multiple concussions
  • Torn ACL
  • Torn MCL
  • Hamstring pull
  • Knee strain
  • Chest lung bruise
  • Back vertebral disc hernia (requiring surgery and forcing him to miss five regular-season games, and the playoffs of 2016)

And these are just a few of the injuries he suffered during his stint in the NFL playing for the New England Patriots. He endured a lot of pain to earn those Super Bowl rings.

Ultimately, he experienced so many injuries, and lived with so much pain that it robbed him of the joy of playing the game he once loved, and so he retired at the age of 29.

Even so, these injuries were not the ones that led him down a new path of advocacy. That injury would come later.

The Injury That Changed Everything

What you may not know, though, is that Gronkowski’s most illuminating sports injury didn’t happen while he was playing in the NFL. It didn’t even happen on a professional sports field, surrounded by other pro athletes. Instead, it happened in a highly competitive game of soccer against his girlfriend.

This is the injury that would give Gronkowski, who had recently retired from professional football, a new purpose in life.

After injuring himself while playing soccer with his girlfriend, Gronkowski discovered CBD, a hemp-based product that promises relief from pain. Genuine relief. Without all the negative effects that go along with opioid drug use that is so widespread in the NFL.

CBD offers relief with benefits, including:

  • A natural product that is free of harmful chemicals
  • A healthier option than chemical medications, or living with chronic pain and inflammation
  • A non-addictive treatment option
  • A natural option to treat anxiety and sleep issues

Above all else, though, CBD can be effective for treating the pain that had been a constant presence for Gronkowski for so many years.

Partnership and Advocacy

Gronkowski’s experience with CBD was so favorable that he has decided to partner with CBDMedic to advocate for their topical pain-relieving product, the one he used to treat his injured foot after that fateful soccer game.

He is also working as a vocal advocate for the NFL to allow non-psychoactive (meaning they have no THC, the ingredient in marijuana responsible for the “high” feeling it is famous for) CBD products for pain relief for NFL players. While the league isn’t ready to make that move just yet, they are paying attention, and changes may be in the works for future seasons, thanks, in part, to Gronk’s efforts today, and a host of other anecdotal evidence by people all over the country touting CBDs benefits.

You Too Can Experience the Benefits of CBD

If you are having problems sleeping, are plagued by racing thoughts at night while trying to fall asleep, or have neck pain, you can consider our CBD pillow. It’s not psychoactive, meaning you won’t get high from sleep on it, and you just may find you get some of the best sleep you’ve ever had.