5 Ways Spas Can Use CBD

women at the spa

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound of cannabis, and is becoming a common staple these days, showing up in lip gloss tubes, sleep-promoting supplements, creams and lotions, and more. You'll find it everywhere, with many advocates boasting its potential health benefits.

In fact, individuals in the U.S. alone have spent over $350 million on CBD products in 2017.

And, research shows CBD could help reduce inflammation, ease anxiety, and may even be an excellent treatment for acne.

Like melatonin and other different sleep aids, CBD might also help treat insomnia and promote more restorative sleep — potentially becoming a CBD and sleep disorders treatment. Actually, cannabidiol and sleep disorders are positively linked with studies showing it can help improve sleep.

Because of these and other reasons, more spas are incorporating CBD-infused products into their menus. Known for providing slightly relaxing effects, CBD-infused oil is now showing up at the locations individuals go for relaxation and bliss - spas. Spas all over the country have been now offering CBD-infused oil spa treatments, such as:

  • Manicures
  • Facials
  • Massages
  • Body scrubs
  • And more

Below are five ways spas can use CBD.

  1. Massage

A great way of adding extreme amounts of relaxation into massages is to add CBD oil, and this is exactly what a lot of spas are doing now. CBD oil could offer real body benefits such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. It could also help relax your muscles.

One particular spa, the Spa Anjali, offers the Green CBD Spa Treatment, which uses an activated hemp extract product for helping with achy and stiff joints and muscles. It's also said this treatment helps with:

  • Injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • Ailments

Add in a CBD-infused pillow, and you can experience these possible benefits just by lying your head down on a comfortable pillow.

  1. Waxing Rooms

A CBD pillow may be able to ease anxiety related to the thought of pain during a wax treatment. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, CBD was shown in rats to reduce stress. During the study, researchers observed the rats, and found lowered behavioral signs of anxiety. CBD also seemed to improve their physiological anxiety symptoms, like increased heart rate.

  1. Foot Scrub

There's nothing like a foot scrub. Having your feet massaged helps relax your body and mind. Plus, your feet look amazing afterwards, since the foot scrub removes dead skin cells and dirt, and gently exfoliates your feet. It soothes foot discomfort and pain caused by standing for long hours, or walking. Not only can spas incorporate CBD oil into the scrub mixture, and apply it to your feet, but you can also rest on a CBD-infused pillow which could help to promote a deeper sense of relaxation while you're having your foot scrub treatment done.

  1. Facials

Lying down on a CBD pillow can help enhance the anti-acne effects of a facial. You've learned above that CBD could help with acne; why not experience double the anti-acne effects by using a CBD pillow along with a CBD oil facial?

  1. Body Mask

For some, a complete body mask may cause some anxiety, particularly if they suffer from claustrophobia. As mentioned earlier, a CBD-infused pillow could help ease that anxiety, allowing you to enjoy the rejuvenating effects of the body mask, without the added anxiety.

If you're going to the spa to enjoy it's therapeutic and relaxing effects, why not ask about the use of CBD, particularly a CBD-infused pillow to enhance these effects? Some spas may already carry CBD pillows; if not, you can buy one of your own.

Purchase Your Own CBD-Infused Pillow

Now, you can enjoy the relaxing and potential therapeutic effects of CBD with a ...CBD pillow. Don't let the "spa" effects leave when you leave the spa. Buy your own CBD pillow, and bring the relaxing and potentially beneficial effects home with you. Now you can continue experiencing symptom relief from a sleep disorder, seek CBD for anxiety, or simply promote deeper relaxation and rest by sleeping with a CBD pillow. Or, if you are a spa owner, purchase a few, so you can offer added relaxation to pamper you clients.

Each CBD-infused pillow releases microdoses of CBD into your body while you sleep. CBD-infused pillows come with many certifications, including:

  • No THC certification (won't get you high)
  • CBD potency certification (you know you're getting real CBD)
  • No pesticides certification (no toxins or pesticides added)
  • And more