CBD Pillow was featured on FOX Indianapolis, IN’s “Morning News” (WXIN-TV) in a segment celebrating “National Sleep Awareness Week.” Lifestyle expert, Jeanine Bobenmoyer, calls out CBD Pillow as a great option for better sleep and highlights key product features including the all night CBD micro-dosing that is activated through the hair and skin. She also mentions the customization feature of the pillow that allows users to modify the insert to suit their preferred firmness. CBD Pillow product and packaging were prominently featured on the display table and received several close-up shots throughout the segment.

CBD Pillow was featured on Rolling Stone Online in an article titled, “From (CBD) Pillows to Playlists, Here Are Ten Ways to Get Better Sleep.” Describing CBD Pillow, the piece shares, “The product just launched in early February and it’s a memory foam pillow that’s infused with CBD. The patented process allows the manufacturer to bond millions of micro-capsules of CBD into the pillow. Friction over the night causes the capsules to “burst,” releasing micro doses of CBD that can be absorbed through your hair and skin to help regulate sleep.”

CBD Pillow was featured on Men’s Health Online in an article titled, “The 40 Best Sleep Products for 2020.” The piece announces the winners of the outlet’s “2020 Sleep Awards,” for which their editors surveyed all of the “latest and greatest sleep products.” Awarded “Best CBD Pillow,” the editorial highlights the product and shares, “Yes, you can now enjoy the calming effects of CBD just by laying on your pillow. The CBD Pillow releases microdoses of CBD through micro-encapsulation technology in the pillowcase. Even if you’re a bit skeptical of feeling the CBD effects, the hypoallergenic memory foam pillow has customizable filling to provide the ideal amount of firmness for a restful night of sleep.”

CBD Pillow was featured on Medium in an article titled, “Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020.” The piece highlights this year’s must-have gifting items, including CBD Pillow and shares, “The fabric of this pillow is infused with CBD for an all night calming rest. It slowly releases microdoses of CBD all night for a relaxing night’s sleep.” The article includes a prominent image of the product along with a direct link to the brand website.

CBD Pillow is currently highlighted on The Luxury Spot (UVPM: 35,664) in an article titled, “12 Shockingly Good Hemp Products You’ll Want to Try Immediately.” Describing CBD Pillow, the piece shares, “This pillow is designed to ensure that you get a refreshing night’s sleep thanks to the real CBD infused in the pillow’s gel memory foam. This pillow releases micro doses of CBD throughout the night, giving pillow-facing skin just the right sleep boost. To prove the product’s efficacy, the company has a 30-day money back guarantee. Plus, it’s super soft so you won’t wake up with face creases or crunchy hair.”

CBD Pillow is currently featured on Hunker (UVPM: 3,922,679) in an article titled, “We Tested 18 Popular Pillows — Here Are Our Honest Reviews.” In honor of Sleep Week, the piece shares the Hunker editorial team’s open feedback on pillows they tested personally over the last few weeks. Included second on the list, CBD Pillow was tested by two team members, the first of which gave the product an overall grade of “A” and shared, “I really like this pillow! I don't know if it's because I love all things CBD-related, but I'm into this…”

The CBD Pillowcase is currently highlighted on Trend Hunter (UVPM: 338,796) in an article titled, “Microencapsulated CBD Pillowcases.” The piece specifically highlights the microencapsulation process noting, “CBD Pillow, the creator of the gel memory foam pillow with CBD-infused fabric, is introducing a CBD Pillowcase to support extended usage and help consumers experience the company's patented microencapsulation technology. With millions of CBD microcapsules bonded to fabric, the CBD Pillow and CBD Pillowcase rely on friction to disrupt the capsules, causing them to burst and release micro-doses of CBD that get absorbed via a sleeper's hair and skin.”

CBD Pillowcase is currently featured on Sleep Retailer Online (UVPM: 1,254) in an article titled, “CBD Pillow Launches CBD Pillowcase.” The editorial includes all details from the Press Release including the launch of CBD Pillowcase, the wholesale program, and the “Most Innovative CBD Product” award. Additionally, Michael’s quote, a prominent product image, and direct link to the CBD Pillow website are included within.

Coverage on Medium highlighting the CBD Pillow at the USA CBD Expo. Included in the “Conference Highlights” section, the CBD Pillow was referred to as the outlet’s favorite product, sharing “A pillow with fabric infused with CBD that slow-releases all night long. Sounds relaxing, right?”

CBD Pillow is currently highlighted on Parade Online (UVPM: 1,005,444) in an Easter Gift Guide titled, “54 Of The Best Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers, Kids, Teens, And Adults.” The editor recommends CBD Pillow for millennials, sharing, “20-somethings love CBD. It’s the tincture of the moment right now, so why not gift the millennial in your life a CBD-infused pillow? This pillow slowly releases microdoses of CBD all night, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.” A prominent image of the product is included, along with the MSRP and a direct link to purchase on the CBD Pillow website.

CBD Pillow has also been highlighted on Good Housekeeping’s Instagram account (Followers: 863K)! The outlet shared a story with an image of the CBD Pillow booth, tagging the brand within and including a description of the product. The story has been added to the account’s “Events” highlight, which will live permanently on the page.

CBD Pillow is currently featured on BuzzFeed (UVPM: 16,497,686) in an article titled, “30 Products That Are Pretty Much Dream Worthy.” Describing CBD Pillow, the piece shares, “An unscented CBD pillow that claims to release micro-doses of calming oil while you sleep. It also has an adjustable loft with shredded memory foam and microfiber fill to make getting a good night's sleep more than just a dream.”The article goes on to share a positive review of the product that reads, “My overall experience has been one of complete comfort and relaxation. I felt so at ease when I first laid down with this…”

CBD Pillow is currently featured on Home Furnishing News (UVPM: 61,080) in an article titled, “CBD-infused Pillow Designed to Aid Sleep.” The editorial includes details surrounding the CBD-infused fabric, sharing, “The gel memory foam pillow features CBD-infused fabric. Using a microencapsulation process, microscopic droplets of hemp-derived CBD—the legal, active ingredient in cannabis—are wrapped in a protective coating and bonded to the pillow’s fabric. Friction causes the capsules to burst, releasing micro-doses of CBD, which is absorbed into hair follicles and skin to help relax users and regulate sleep.”

CBD Pillow is currently featured on The French Toast (UVPM: 37,694) and Times of CBD (UVPM: 6,360). Both pieces highlight key product features, brand messaging and offer a positive sentiment about the new launch, with Times of CBD noting, “Overall, those who are looking for a comfortable and unique pillow that provides sleep support through CBD may want to try the CBD Pillow.” Prominent imagery and links to the brand website are also included within both.

CBD Pillow is currently featured on Benzinga (UVPM: 1,064,802) in an article titled, “This $129 CBD Pillow Promises Overnight Microdoses.” Describing the product, the piece shares, “CBD Pillow, a Camarillo, California-based company launched a memory foam pillow this week with CBD-infused fabric. Users are expected to get microdoses of CBD during their sleep with the aim of sustained and more restful sleep. With a patent-processed method called microencapsulation, microscopic drops of CBD are bonded to the pillow's fabric. Friction makes these capsules burst, progressively releasing their content. Released CBD is absorbed by hair follicles and skin and is intended to deliver a relaxing and calm sleep.”

CBD Pillow is currently highlighted again on Hunker (UVPM: 3,922,679) in a standalone feature article titled, “We Tried the CBD Pillow to See If It Helped Us Sleep Better.” The piece opens by sharing the editors’ excitement in learning about the product, questions that came to mind and shares several key product features, noting, “Here's how it works: The pillow ‘releases micro doses of CBD all night long’ as you doze using ‘microencapsulation.’ Translation: There are tiny droplets of CBD in the pillow that get released when your hair and skin come into contact with the pillow. The droplets are ‘wrapped with a protective polymeric coating’ and were designed to create a constant supply of CBD versus just one dose, so you can feel the effects throughout the night.”

CBD Pillow was included on CBS Washington D.C.’s “Great Day Washington” (WUSA-TV) (Viewership: 19,820), as well as the station’s online counterpart, CBS Washington D.C. Online (UVPM: 227,404) in a segment titled, “Essentials for a Great 8 Hours of Sleep.” Within the segment, lifestyle expert, Tiffani Johnston shared several must-have items for getting a better night’s sleep. Included first in the lineup, Johnston introduces CBD Pillow and immediately calls out the brand website where viewers can go to purchase the product. She goes on to highlight key product features, sharing, “It has this crazy unique patented technology that releases CBD throughout the night in micro-doses that gives you a sustained sleep all night long.”

CBD Pillow is currently featured on Essence Online (UVPM: 1,068,214) in an article titled, “Up Late Worrying About Coronavirus? These Products Will Help You Sleep Better Tonight.” Included first on the list, the piece highlights CBD Pillow and shares, “CBD plus a gel memory foam pillow? Say less, sis. We're all over this and you should be too!” A prominent image of the product and packaging is included along with the product MSRP and a direct link to purchase on the brand website.

We saw some social love from American Spa Magazine, who posted a story on their Instagram account, @americanspamag (Followers: 38.4K) with an image of the CBD Pillow booth and tagged the brand within.