Can CBD Help Gout?

person with gout

If you suffer from gout, it might feel as though there is nothing in the world that can take away the pain and tenderness in your joints.  But relief may be closer than you think. CBD oil has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, and research has begun to find it helps sufferers of arthritis. See if CBD might be an option for your gout flares.

What is Gout?

Gout is a common but extremely painful inflammation of the joints. It’s estimated to affect 9 million Americans. A type of arthritis, it starts out in just one area of the body at a time, and gets worse over time. This pain is caused by excess uric acid crystallization, and leads to deposits in your joints, which become inflamed, and thus, painful. Unfortunately, there is no cure, but you can use a variety of treatments to get relief.

What are the Symptoms of Gout?

The symptoms of gout include extreme pain, redness and swelling, tenderness, the feeling of your joint being on fire, and stiffness. The symptoms can come on suddenly, and last up to weeks. These periods are called flares. While the flares can be in remission for up to years, the gout will return suddenly, and once again affect you for a period of time.

Can CBD Help Gout?

The short answer is: probably. Research on this topic is still in its early stages, but the results so far have been promising. For instance, a 2015 study found that when applied to skin, CBD had long-lasting effects on mice who had arthritis. Additionally, a 2018 literature review stated that cannabinoids can help patients with one of the most severe forms of arthritis: osteoarthritis. 

How Does CBD for Gout Work?

Unfortunately, there is not any specific research for CBD and gout. However, there are numerous studies regarding the benefits of CBD on inflammation. For instance, a study in 2020 showed that CBD, though indirectly, assists in fighting inflammation. Additionally, CBD has been found to suppress IL-6 cells, which helps to decrease tissue injuries.

How to Use CBD for Gout?

There are multiple ways to use CBD to help with gout.

Topical Creams

CBD comes in a topical cream that you can apply directly to the inflamed area. When the cream goes on your skin, it interacts with your CB2 receptors in your skin, which triggers anti-inflammatory properties, and alleviates your gout symptoms. 


One of the most effective ways to take CBD is orally. By taking it "full spectrum", you consume all the aspects of the plant and its benefits. Therefore, you are more likely to experience the beneficial effects of CBD. While how you take it and how much will vary, the oral way seems to be the most effective for inflammation.

CBD Pillow

To help your body during sleep, you may consider a CBD pillow. This pillow releases small doses of CBD throughout the night, so you do not have to worry about it wearing off during your sleep. It is released into your hair and skin as you sleep, which then is absorbed into both for the maximum effect. To deal with gout flares, and get a good night's rest, this might be a great option.