Can CBD Help With Acne?

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Acne is one of the most common types of skin conditions in people. Most individuals struggle with acne during their life at some point, whether it's every day or just occasionally.

What Causes Acne?

Acne occurs when your skin's pores become blocked with dead skin, oil, or bacteria. Each of your skin's pores opens to a follicle. This follicle consists of a sebaceous (oil) gland, and a hair. The sebaceous gland releases sebum (oil). Sebum then moves up the hair, out of your pore, and then onto your skin. It keeps skin soft and lubricated.

A few issues with this lubrication could cause acne, such as:

  • Dead skin cells building up in your pores
  • Your follicles produce too much oil
  • Bacteria accumulates in your pores

These issues contribute to acne development. When the bacteria starts growing in a clogged pore, and the oil can't escape, a pimple appears.

What Can Make Acne Worse?

There are various things that can make acne worse, such as:

  1. Putting Hair Products Next to Your Hairline

If you use a thick pomade, gel, or an anti-frizz product, try and keep it away from your forehead when applying it, or you could end up with a line of acne at your hairline.

  1. You Have a Dirty Cell Phone

Your face produces sweat and oil, and this can get onto your phone when you take a call. If you don't clean your phone off, you're simply putting it and whatever bacteria grew there back onto your skin. This can result in acne. 

  1. You Don't Give Treatments Enough Time

Sure, you probably want clear skin today, but it takes time for treatments to work, and if you stop using the treatment before you're supposed to, it can make acne worse.

How CBD Can Help Improve Acne

CBD may potentially help with acne. Each case may be different, since each person has different types of acne, and the causes of it are different as well.

CBD-infused oil might help decrease various types of acne, due to how it can adjust how your body generates sebum. Sebum is an oily, waxy substance your skin makes. It helps protect your skin, but it could mix with things like:

  • Dirt
  • Dead skin cells
  • Other pollutants

This then traps it inside your pores, which then forms acne.

CBD-infused oil has potential anti-inflammatory properties.

One study in 2014 exploring CBD's effects on human sebocytes that create sebum, showed the CBD kept the cells from making too much sebum

It also caused an anti-inflammatory reaction in these cells, preventing the activation of inflammatory cytokines. Cytokines might cause acne; therefore, by decreasing them, it could help prevent breakouts in the future.

Help Reduce Acne With a CBD Pillow

Stress can make acne worse, and sleeping on a CBD-infused pillow could help you relax and sleep better, which could potentially help decrease your occurrences of acne.

CBD pillows could help reduce stress levels, lower anxiety, and promote relaxation. Our proprietary CBD-infused fabric is made with certain ingredients that improve transdermal cellular level penetration. CBD is absorbed into your body on a slow release timer, meaning your body absorbs the CBD over time as you sleep.

Each pillow has 170 mg of CBD infused in it. You can view our most recent independent lab results on our Lab Testing Page.

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