CBD Companies Target Golfers at PGA Merchandise Show


Golf is a popular game, with many golfers participating in it well into their elderly years. It's also a sport where many are imperfect, which explains why even the most professional golfers are continually looking for improvements both physically and mentally. Given golf's challenges and demographic, it's not surprising a lot of CBD companies are making their way into what looks to be a bountiful market.

If you're wondering how CBD impacts the golf industry, take this into consideration: Only six CBD companies appeared a year ago at the PGA Merchandise Show. This year, there were almost 20 at the Orange County Convention Center. And, while the FDA and the professional tours haven't regulated or endorsed it yet, CBD is beginning to transform the golf industry, like many other industries...

About 20 years ago, when there were approximately 30 million golf players in the U.S., and there was a surge in game-changing titanium drivers, Orlando's Orange County Convention Center's 1.1 million sq. ft. West Concourse just wasn't large enough for containing the industry. Booths were set up in the hallways of smaller, overflow exhibitors, and at a hotel on the other side of International Drive in a noisy, flea-market bazaar atmosphere were:

  • Training aids
  • Hawking shirts
  • Accessories
  • And more

Today, you now find CBD.

CBD, which stands for Cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid of the cannabis plant well-known for its potential healing qualities like CBD for anxiety or cannabidiol and sleep disorders. CBD is among various cannabinoids that can be extracted from the marijuana or cannabis plant. However, it's not intoxicating like THC, and won't get you high.

Golfers use CBD often for things like:

  • Easing nerves
  • Pain management
  • Sleep aids
  • Muscle recovery

You'll now find CBD in many things from topical creams to ingestible oils, CBD infused oil droppers to even milkshakes. It's been said to provide relief for an array of maladies and diseases from cancer to Alzheimer's to golfer's elbow to first-tee jitters.

You might think golfers are conservative; however, some are always ready to try something new that can help them improve their game.

If you were to talk with CBD companies, they'd inform you how their products are now popular among golfers. And, anecdotal reports from golfers themselves will educate you on how CBD has helped them:

  • Get rid of the yips
  • Calm down before a round
  • Calm down during a round
  • Obtain better focus and mental clarity during the day
  • Recover after a game

Whether your elbow, back, or mental game is weak, there are many different CBD products that could help. From rubbing cream on your body to placing a few drops of a tincture under your tongue to sleeping with a CBD pillow, there's a product for every golfer.

CBD companies have rapidly secured PGA Tour stars' endorsements, who boast about benefits like reduced muscle fatigue, improved sleep, and reduced anxiety. Even old-school country clubs are now promoting and selling CBD products to their elderly memberships.

Sleep on a CBD Pillow for a Better Next Day Out on the Course

CBD for sleep is becoming a hit. CBD is nature's all-natural and safe sleep aid. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress, and lowers anxiety. By sleeping on a CBD pillow, golfers can wake up refreshed and rejuvenated after a quality night's sleep, so they can be ready mentally and physically to get their game on.

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