Federal Government Awarding Nine Research Grants to Study the Health Benefits of CBD

federal government

The federal government has awarded nine research grants to study the potential health advantages of CBD. CBD is trendy, there's no doubt about that, but soon, everyone will know for sure if it's much more than just a placebo, and if it's beneficial scientifically for pain relief.

The federal government made their announcement on Thursday, September 19, that they were going to fund a total of around $3 million in new research grants, dedicated specifically for research on cannabidiol's health benefits.

The federal government still thinks of cannabis as an illegal drug, but over 30 states allow its use for various medical issues, some without proper support. The strongest science is for chronic pain, and the most common reason individuals provide when enrolling in state-approved medical cannabis programs. However, there's little known about which parts of cannabis are beneficial, and if THC's intoxicating effects can be avoided.

Individuals have been boasting about CBD for quite some time now. They are:

  • Adding CBD oil into their tea
  • Soaking in CBD salt-infused baths
  • Eating CBD-infused snacks

They do this with the hope of experiencing the alleged list of CBD's benefits, like relief from both mild and severe conditions, including:

  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia

However, up to this point, these reported benefits have been mostly anecdotal, which makes it hard to determine if it's not just a "placebo" effect they're experiencing.

Other federal agencies have shown support for cannabis research, but much of this research has been on possible harms. Another driving factor is the opioid addiction crisis in the nation, with its roots in prescription painkiller overuse. This crisis has triggered new scientific interest in cannabis's pain-alleviating properties.

The University of California San Francisco's grant recipient, Dr. Judith Hellman, said scientists have to get a better understanding of pain, and figure out more ways of treating it. Hellman's research involves the ability of the body to produce signaling molecules close to cannabis's ingredients.

Researcher Deborah Yurgelun-Todd, one of the University of Utah's grant recipients, will study how CBD extract impacts the brain's pain-signaling pathways of individuals with low back pain.

Researchers will also be trying to identify, understand, and catalog the various different compounds in marijuana beyond the favored CBD, THC, and CBG, in order to help provide scientific support to the various benefits individuals report and swear by.

So, while you might still be undecided about CBD, and maybe skeptical, thinking it's another passing health fad, there might be new scientific evidence of its real properties for pain relief, and sooner than you think.

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