How to Become a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner

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When used properly, cannabis is a potentially effective and safe treatment for a large range of therapeutic indications. But, suggestions for the right use require the help of a person who is correctly educated in both the cannabis plant and healthcare to make informed, safe, and educated suggestions to the public. This is where a holistic cannabis practitioner comes in.

What Is Holistic Cannabis Therapy?

Holistic cannabis therapy is a comprehensive, forward-thinking wellness and health patient care approach that could optimize your clients' results.

The term holistic, in healthcare, pertains to taking a whole person into consideration, and not just one body part or system. With holistic cannabis therapy, you consider that individual while you integrate medical cannabis, like CBD infused oil, into the lifestyle and treatment plan.

As such, it's a shift from standard medical care, which often relies on a symptom-treatment approach. You can apply therapeutic cannabis to a range of wellness and health modalities, such as:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Chiropractic
  • Primary care
  • Nutrition
  • Health coaching
  • Functional medicine
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Herbal medicine
  • Massage therapy
  • Mental health
  • Naturopathy

What Is a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner?

This is a healthcare provider who's completed the Holistic Cannabis Academy's training program, and passed the exam, which shows their competency in cannabis in both practical application and education.

The HCA is a Holistic Cannabis Network (HCN) division, and a well-known leader in medical cannabis education among holistic healthcare professionals.

It provides a thorough online training program whose goal is to educate and provide the healthcare professional community with the knowledge and training required for understanding the therapeutic elements of cannabis, the endocannabinoid system, and cannabinoids (including CBD), with an integrative approach, so you'll be properly trained to help others with things like CBD for anxiety, CBD for sleep, CBD for pain, and even cannabidiol and sleep disorders.

As a holistic cannabis practitioner, you'll:

  • Learn the cannabis language to improve confidence when having conversations
  • Develop a practical, exceptional knowledge based on present medical cannabis research
  • Learn how to bring up the subject of cannabis with those who might not seem open-minded
  • Integrate cannabis into your other holistic practices, like aromatherapy, nutrition, massage, and yoga
  • Increase your understanding and application of a variety of cannabis modes of administration and forms

How to Become a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner

Cannabis is the forefront of medicine's future, and now is the best time for you to invest in your education and ability of being a competent cannabis provider. To become a holistic cannabis practitioner, you'll need to complete the Holistic Cannabis Academy training program, and pass the exam.

There's a 31-module training program (online), which is a combination of video and audio presentations with slides, practitioner resources, and patient education handouts.

With this training program, you'll expand your knowledge, grow your confidence, and will complete a program with a handful of resources you'll be thrilled to share with your clients.

If any of these apply to you, you could be a good candidate for holistic cannabis education:

  • You have clients who have anxiety, pain, insomnia, migraines, cancer, seizures, digestive disorders, mental health diagnoses, immune disorders, cachexia, or neurodegenerative disease
  • You're in a state that approved or is pending approval of medical marijuana
  • You're interested in increasing revenue, and building your business
  • You would like to provide your patients with an ancient, but revolutionary healing modality
  • One of your goals as a health provider is to constantly stay updated and progressive in your education

The program provides a unique blend of practical industry information and science to deliver an educated point and balanced point of view. It provides a thorough business-building package available in the medical cannabis community, and is backed by experienced, professional, and credible registered dietitian nutritionists. The webinar modules feature scientists, clinicians, and other industry experts like growers, cannabis attorneys, and edible product producers.

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