How to Shop Safely for CBD Products

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Research on the most effective, safest use of CBD is still emerging. But, with more and more major retail chains jumping on the CBD bandwagon, health and wellness products containing CBD are getting simpler to find. But, it's important you know who to safely shop for CBD products.

  1. Determine the Reason for Wanting to Try CBD and What Form

You first should determine the reasons you want to use CBD in the first place. CBD is being touted for a number of potential health benefits, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Opioid addiction
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Sleep problems
  • And more

For quick relief from anxiety, for instance, inhaling CBD for anxiety might be most effective, either cigarette style or a vape pen. You can also place CBD-infused oil under your tongue, and feel the effects in several minutes. CBD in food might take as long as 30 minutes or more, since it goes through the digestive process before its absorbed into your system.

On the other hand, topical lotions you rub on your skin can vary; you might feel it immediately, or you might not feel it for several hours. Lastly, if getting sleep is your main concern, you can now order a CBP pillow, which can help you get the restorative sleep you might be lacking.

  1. Request the Test Results

Consumer Reports suggest you always request the product's certificate of analysis (COA). This document shows the performance of a product on tests that check for the levels of THC and CBD, and the presence of contaminants.

With CBD products made from hemp, testing of the finished product isn't required. Therefore any COA for these final products will come from tests the company specifically arranged for on its own. While not every manufacturer will take this step, many manufacturers will.

  1. Determine the Amount of THC in the Product

This is important primarily if you're looking to avoid the "high" THC causes. Many individuals find this important, which is why they prefer CBD, since it's not psychoactive. There are other reasons, however, why you'd want to learn the level of THC, including the product's effectiveness, and if you're looking to pass a drug test.

  1. Know Precisely How to Use the CBD Products

How much CBD do you take? How do you take it? For how long? What are the benefits and risks? If you can't clearly see the answers from the label on the products, or from research you've done on the product, then you shouldn't use it.

  1. Closely Inspect the Label

US News says you should know exactly what's within the product container. This information lets you know the product's:

  • Consistency
  • Quality
  • Purity
  • Safe use

This information should be on the products' labels, according to a downloadable report "Patient's Guide to CBD: 2019" from the nonprofit group Americans for Safe Access, with the objective of promoting safe and legal use of medical cannabis. You'll want to check the CBD product's label for:

  • Control or batch lot number
  • Identity to know what it's intended for (like dietary supplement)
  • Net quantity, which is expressed with measures like numerical count or weight, so you can make a comparison with other products
  • Cannabinoid content. Hemp-derived CBD contains very little THC — trace amounts
  • Expiration or production date
  • Dosing guidance. With a CBD lotion, balm or cream, do you use a small amount, or slather it on your skin?
  • Storage instructions
  • Appropriate contraindications and warnings for use. Also, check with your physician about potential interactions with any medicines you take
  • Instructions for use. For example, is the product a sublingual CBD tincture you'll take under your tongue?
  1. Check for Third-Party Testing

One of the first things you should check for before buying a CBD product is if it has been third-party laboratory tested. If it has, you should be able to obtain the lab reports for it easily, such as on the website of the company. If you can't find the lab reports, it could mean a few things.

  • Perhaps the lab report showed the product didn't contain the amount of cannabinoids stated.
  • The company may have simply forgot to add the report on their website.
  • The product contained harsh contaminants.

Either way, when there's no lab report, you really can't confirm the product is safe to use. This is why you should make it a point to check for a valid COA before you buy any CBD product online.

Keep in mind, however, that some companies might only provide you access to their lab reports if you submit a formal request or buy their product. In this case, you could simply contact the company, and make a request to review their lab reports. If they don't respond, and haven't included their lab reports anywhere on their website, you might want to be extremely wary of buying their products.

  1. Check How Reliable the Company Is

Whether you buy cannabidiol and sleep disorders treatment, or CBD for anxiety or pain, it's important you know where you're buying it. You'll want to know how reliable the company is, and if the company is selling CBD legally, with complete liability and transparency. There are many sketchy companies that make false claims about their products, and often sell poor quality products.

  1. Check the Concentration

The amount of CBD in a product or concentration is another essential factor to look for when purchasing CBD-infused oil. Products should include not just the amount of CBD in the product, but also in each dose.

This informs you of how much CBD you'll be ingesting, helping you to gauge how the product can benefit your overall lifestyle, or a particular condition you may have. Doses change significantly depending on the product type. Experts typically recommend you start with products that have fairly low doses, which is why microdosing CBD is favored.

You should be skeptical of products that don't include the concentration of CBD on the labels. Some products only list the amount of cannabinoids it contains, instead of how much CBD specifically it contains.

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