Is CBD Oil an Essential Oil?

CBD oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in the cannabis plant. Most of this compound is found in the hemp plant, a strain of the cannabis plant. You've likely heard of Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is abbreviated THC. It's often associated with marijuana, which you also find in the cannabis sativa plant. It's actually the most common known compound of cannabis, and is the one that produces euphoria or the mind-altering "high."

But, unlike THC, CBD doesn't make you high, and provides various potential benefits. For instance, there's CBD for anxiety, CBD for sleep, and CBD for pain.  It can potentially help with pain, promote skin health, and provide various other health benefits.

Is CBD an Essential Oil?

If you've been learning about aromatherapy essential oils, and think CBD is simply another type of essential oil, you should know this isn't true. Even though CBD does share some similarities with essential oils, it has specific distinctions to essential oils, and has earned its own explanation and sum of knowledge.

As with essential oils, when it comes to CBD products, it's all in the company quality standards and brand you choose to buy. You'll always find less optimal and better ways of making the products.

Extraction Process for CBD and Essential Oils

Essential oil advocates might have some familiarity with the extracting and steam distillation process for essential oil extraction from plant materials. CBD extraction is not the same as that of essential oil steam distillation, since it often uses the CO2 extraction technique or another solvent extraction technique like soaking in alcohol.

Solvent extraction is believed to be a clean and pure extraction technique, since there's no residue remaining after extraction, while steam distillation leaves components left-over that can be used further for essential oil hydrosols.

The production of CBD uses solvent extraction techniques, which are different from steam distillation of essential oils.

Essential oils are aromatic, volatile compounds you find in parts of plants, and are what give plants their distinctive aromas. They're typically used in aromatherapy to help with various conditions. They're mainly harvested through steam distillation.

Therefore, CBD isn't an essential oil, but rather an absolute or extract.

Try a CBD-Infused Pillow

If you're interested in using CBD, you might want to try a CBD-infused pillow. These soft pillows are infused with CBD (no THC), and come with CertiPUR, GreenGuard Gold and other certifications. Whether you're looking to treat symptoms of anxiety, pain, or are having troubles sleeping at night, a CBD pillow may just be your answer.

People have been using CBD oil for years to help ease their symptoms, and promote a better quality of life. Now, you can do so all while sleeping. Place your CBD pillow order today to start your journal on getting a better night’s sleep -- night after night after night.