What are CBD-Infused Sheets?

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Relaxation is an important component to getting a great night’s sleep. The ability to sleep peacefully can improve your entire life! We are told to spend 7-9 hours asleep, and to allow our bodies to rest whenever possible.

But in the bustling world of today, being able to unwind at bedtime proves to be more and more difficult. Whether you suffer from insomnia, stress, outside noise, distracting thoughts, or other stressors, you might need a helping hand to get the sleep you deserve.

With the growing complexity of the world, comes innovation. Now, new products have emerged. CBD-infused sheets, as well as CBD pillows, and CBD pillowcases, the latter two of which are available at cbdpillow.com. CBD-infused pillows, pillowcases, and sheets can prove to be a much-needed aid in relaxation before bed, and can allow for a sustained, undisturbed sleep through the night.

The Facts about CBD

CBD is the common abbreviation for Cannabidiol, which is a federally legal chemical component found in the cannabis (marijuana) plant.

Despite common misconception, CBD is not a drug, and does not produce a high. While parts of the cannabis plant can produce a drug high, hallucinations, and intoxication, CBD is perfectly safe in that it does not have these effects.

Although evidence of CBD’s mechanisms is not conclusive, most believe that CBD works by interacting with the central nervous system of a person’s body. Through such activity, CBD can provide calming effects, anti-inflammatory effects, and even pain relief.

Hundreds of accredited clinical trials are being done to understand CBD better.

Furthermore, CBD is being sold and marketed worldwide for its health benefits and relaxation effects! Many people have shared stories about the relief that CBD has provided, including alleviating insomnia, anxiety, bodily stress, and chronic pain or tension.

So far, CBD has appeared to be a wonderful anti-anxiolytic and sleep aide.

What are CBD-Infused Sheets?

CBD-infused sheets are made with special technology designed to improve your night’s sleep, by relieving anxiety and promoting relaxation. CBD-infused technology allows for long-term, sustained, and timely releases of CBD every night, providing a relaxing, undisturbed sleep.

How does CBD-Infused Fabric Work?

CBD-infused technology uses a dispersion of microencapsulated cannabidiol. Microencapsulation is a new, innovative technology process whereby microscopic droplets of CBD are wrapped with a protective polymeric coating. These miniature containers, if you will, protect the CBD from contamination, oxidation, and evaporation, until their release is triggered.

CBD capsules within the material burst with friction, and naturally get released at different times as you shift throughout the night. The benefits of CBD are realized as they are absorbed through your skin and hair follicles via friction.

About CBDPillow.com

Currently, CBDPillow.com offers CBD-infused pillows and pillow cases. Knowing about the powerful benefits of CBD, we set out to assist the 70 million Americans who suffer from sleeping disorders. Our mission is to provide the highest quality CBD, in the easiest, safest, least intrusive way, so that everyone can experience the relaxing benefits of CBD.

We are a family-owned company based out of Southern California, and all of our materials are hand-sourced in the United States because we value local craftsmanship. CBD Pillow makes our products by combining comfortable gel-like memory foam with millions of microcapsules full of relaxing CBD oil.

Many of our customers report waking up feeling relaxed, and without grogginess after using our lab-certified CBD pillow. Our products are customizable, and the pillows will last up to 6 months. Once these 6 months are up, you can replace the capsules through our website at an affordable price.

In order to get the tranquil night’s sleep that you deserve, consider opening your perspective up to the relaxing microcapsules of CBD oil. In a world as stressful as ours, CBD can help soothe the very tensions that keep you awake. Each CBD Pillow comes with a 30-day money back guarantee to allow you to try the product for yourself, as well as a 10 year warranty.