What Are the Types of CBD Products?

CBD products

The highly therapeutic, non-intoxicating compound in marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD) has taken a stand, and is increasingly gaining popularity because of its many benefits. Studies have shown CBD's benefits in treating various conditions like anxiety disorders, pain, epilepsy, cancer, and more. CBD is extracted and processed into a number of forms, each appropriate for people's different lifestyles and needs. 

Here, you'll learn the different types of CBD products, so you can choose the best for your needs and lifestyle.

  1. CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are liquid CBD extractions you apply under your tongue. CBD tinctures are soaked in either vegetable glycerin or alcohol, and are among the earliest types of marijuana medications prior to its prohibition in the U.S. While they're often less concentrated than other types of oil extracts, you experience their effects quicker than ingestible edibles and oils.

Benefits of CBD tinctures include:

  • They absorb into your bloodstream quickly when you take them sublingually.
  • They often come in flavors, making them more pleasant-tasting.
  • They tend to be an affordable choice for both the beginner and experienced CBD user.
  1. Edibles (i.e. capsules, pills)

This CBD product class includes anything ingestible — from capsules to pills to candy and cake. With such a huge variety of edible CBD product choices, you might have an easier time finding one or more types of edibles to fit your preferences.

For instance, food products like gummies, chocolate, and granola bars might have an earthy flavor you may find unappetizing, and therefore your preference may be capsules and pills because they're tasteless. You can purchase packaged edibles, which can make specific dosing easier, but you'll want to check the product's certificate of analysis to ensure it contains the amount and type of ingredients the package lists.

Benefits of CBD edibles include:

  • Most edibles taste delicious, and the "earthy flavor" is very mild. So, no matter what you're craving, chances are you'll find a flavor to match.
  • These are perhaps the simplest method of consuming CBD.
  • Because of how you consume them, CBD edibles' effects last longer than other methods of delivery.
  1. Topicals

Topicals include balms and lotions you rub directly on your skin. They may also include transdermal patches you stick to your skin, which releases CBD gradually into your bloodstream over a prolonged time period. Lotions work locally, which make them a perfect option for things like menstrual cramps and arthritis. Transdermal patches provide a more wide-reaching effect.

Benefits of CBD topicals include:

  • They're affordable because they consist of a lighter density of CBD.
  • The effects could last for hours, making it simple to include them in your day-to-day routine.
  • They're simple to use — just apply them to your skin.
  • They're discreet, since it's very common to use topicals no matter what time of day.
  1. CBD Vape Products

You can find CBD-only formula vape cartridges, allowing you to medicate with a vapor. Once you heat the CBD liquid to the vaporization point, you simply inhale the aerosol, and feel its effects fast.

Benefits of CBD vape products include:

  • They take effect quickly (almost immediately)
  • You can use any type of vaporizer with CBD.
  1. CBD Oil or Hemp Oil

Using high-CBD cannabis strains or hemp strains, CBD can be extracted and processed into a non-intoxicating oil. You can ingest this oil, add it to a capsule, or mix it into a smoothie or food. CBD oil is among the more popular types of CBD medicine. Plus, you can purchase and use it legally, since the FDA states that hemp-based CBD oil is a supplement. While taking CBD oil with food or by the mouth are most common, you can also vape certain types of it, or rub it into your skin.

  1. Hemp Oil & Cannabis-Derived CBD Oil

Benefits of CBD oil include:

  • You can take CBD oil sublingually, where you hold it under your tongue for around a minute, and then swallow, so it gets absorbed into your bloodstream.
  • Certain CBD oils are made specifically for vaping, but you'll want to be careful you don't inhale anything that's not made explicitly for this purpose.
  • CBD oil's potent nature means you experience the desired effects with a little amount.
  1. Suppositories With CBD

If you can't inhale or ingest CBD medicine, you can use a rectal or vaginal suppository. These absorb into your body faster than edibles, and provide you with quick relief. The effects last longer as well.

Benefits of CBD suppositories include:

  • They're discreet
  • They're simple to use
  1. CBD Hair and Skin Products

These may include lotions, salves, balms, shampoos, conditioners, oils, and other beauty products infused with CBD oil.

Benefits of hair and skin products include:

  • They're easy to use since you just either apply them to your skin, or in your hair, depending on the product you're using.
  • They're also a discreet way of benefiting from CBD.
  1. CBD for Pets

Pet owners can use CBD for their pets, since all mammals have the same type of endocannabinoid system. You'll find products like CBD dog and cat treats, CBD oils, and skin balms.

Benefits of CBD for pets include:

  • They provide the same type of therapeutic benefits.
  • Pets love the tasty treats.
  1. CBD-Infused Pillows

CBD-infused pillows are comfortable and soft. You sleep with them like you would your normal pillows. They're infused with CBD and all its healing powers.

Benefits of CBD-infused pillows include:

  • Comfort
  • Softness
  • Therapeutic

CBD-infused pillows can provide you with a good night's sleep, while you take advantage of CBD's medicinal properties.

As CBD's demand grows, more products are showing up on the market to allow consumers to select their favorite types of CBD products.

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