What is CBD Chocolate? Benefits and How It's Made

CBD chocolate

With Valentine's Day nearing, you (or your significant other) might be finding you're thinking more about chocolate. After all, nearly 60 pounds of chocolate will be purchased in the week preceding Valentine's Day, according to HelloKids.com. And, 52% of  consumers in the U.S. will spend $1.8 billion on candy, according to the National Retail Federation, with more people purchasing candy to give as a gift than any other type of gift, including flowers (44%) and cards (35%).

If you're one of the majority giving chocolate to your Valentine this year, you have another option: CBD chocolates.

What are CBD Chocolates?

CBD chocolate combines chocolate and cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. It doesn't make you high, like it's cousin tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but it does offer numerous potential health benefits.

These days, the CBD market is expanding at a rapid rate with many companies now selling CBD in multiple forms. CBD edibles, like CBD chocolate, is a common way of taking CBD.

Benefits of CBD Chocolates

Reports have been boasting about CBD's beneficial effects, saying it can help calm anxiety, stop acne, ease inflammation, and reduce muscle spasms. Others report CBD for insomnia can be a great natural remedy.

Chocolate, like CBD, has strong antioxidant properties. It actually has more antioxidants than many foods. Not only this, but it also contains a variety of important minerals like:

  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Potassium

When you eat a high-percentage, good quality dark chocolate in moderation, it might provide you with benefits such as:

  • Reduced risk of diabetes
  • Anti-inflammatory protections
  • Stimulated central nervous system
  • Protection against cardiovascular disease

Chocolate is also a simple and discreet way of consuming CBD.

How CBD Chocolate Is Made

CBD chocolate, in its purest form, is simple to make. You melt the chocolate, stir in CBD oil, and pour it into the molds. But, even though this may sound easy enough, it doesn't mean it's going to taste yummy. In fact, the type of chocolate you bake with (semi-sweet) is actually a bit bitter.

So, you might want to add in some sweeteners or flavors to help sweeten it up a little. To keep the chocolate healthy, though, you'll want  to add in organic and natural ingredients as much as possible.

For flavoring, you could use a flavored CBD oil. Some flavors that complement chocolate are:

  • Orange
  • Natural
  • Tranquil Mint
  • Lemon

Here are the supplies you'll need to make your own CBD chocolates.

  • Cooking grade CBD oil in a MCT (fractionated grape seed oil or coconut oil), since olive oil can affect the flavor of your chocolate.
  • A 10 ounce bag of chocolate chips (milk or dark chocolate)
  • A half cup of coconut oil
  • Some type of mold (ice cube trays, 9x9 oven safe dish, or chocolate molds)
  • A measuring cup that has a pouring spout
  • You can add candies as a bonus to add depth


  1. Melt your chocolate chips and coconut oil in a measuring bowl. You can do this on the stove top, just be sure to stir continuously. Then, microwave for 15 second increments while you stir in between will work as well. Don't let the chocolate burn, or it will become clumpy, and seize up.
  2. Cool the chocolate for around 10 minutes.
  3. After you've cooled the chocolate, add in your CBD oil (read the label for the CBD dosage). Add the chocolate in the spouted cup.
  4. Pour your chocolate mix into the molds about 3/4 full.
  5. Sprinkle the candy on top of your chocolate if you decided to add this step.
  6. Refrigerate the molds for two hours. Serve them chilled.

Be sure you only obtain your CBD oil from a reliable source. Unfortunately, the market isn't regulated at the moment, and this means many companies offer substandard products. You could end up with less CBD than you expected, or even worse, the product could be contaminated with various chemicals. So, do your research, and only buy from a reputable source.

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