Why are People Using CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD bath bomb

Bath bombs add a little fun and excitement to your bath, but these fizzy bombs, particularly CBD bath bombs, could also deliver other benefits for your skin and well-being.

What are Bath Bombs?

A bath bomb is a palm-sized block or sphere that fizzes and dissolves quickly when you throw it in your bath water. They're made with various all-natural ingredients, and are made to detox, soothe, and help you relax.

What are CBD Bath Bombs?

Similar to other types of bath bombs, CBD bath bombs are mainly made from:

  • Moisturizing ingredients (to leave your skin smooth)
  • Essential oils (to provide a relaxing scent)
  • Sodium bicarbonate (produces the fizz)

The difference, however, is these particular bath bombs are infused with cannabidiol (CBD), which is a popular hemp extract that could provide you with a number of restorative benefits. When you use CBD in your warm bath water, your skin can easily absorb CBD after your pores are opened up from the hot water.

Why are People Using CBD Bath Bombs?

  1. CBD Helps Provide More Relaxation to Your Bath

While a bath is therapeutic on its own, providing minerals, relieving soreness and pain, and promoting healing, CBD can enhance these effects subtly. CBD bath bombs can help:

  • Decompress and relax
  • Soothe skin conditions
  • Ease musculoskeletal inflammation and pain

When you soak in warm bath water, it loosens your muscles, and increases your body temperature. Then when you pair this with CBD, it provides the best tension release.

  1. The Heat Enhances the Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of CBD

Along with its various other potential benefits, CBD also provides anti-inflammatory properties. CBD works well for inflammation, which with just about any skin problem, be it pain or eczema, is the root problem.

  1. Your Skin Absorbs CBD More Efficiently

Dissolving a CBD bath bomb in warm water, and soaking in it, helps quicken the CBD absorption process into your bloodstream and skin through your pores. When you compare it to taking several drops of CBD-infused oil under your tongue, topically absorbing the CBD seems to provide a faster and more direct effect.

Just like with any ingredient or nutrient you apply to your skin, absorbing it into your bloodstream will be much quicker than by ingesting it orally. And, even though applying a CBD cream or balm may be great if you're looking to calm localized inflammation, when you submerge your body into a warm bath that's just fizzled out a CBD bath bomb, you're exposing your whole body to it, which results in a more systemic impact.

  1. CBD is a Natural, Plant-Derived Ingredient

CBD works well with other soothing and relaxing bath products. So, if you think you're sitting in a tub of chemicals after using a CBD bath bomb — think again. CBD works subtly and naturally together with any other bath product you choose to use that provides therapeutic ingredients.

For instance, some CBD bath bombs include a detoxifying and pore-opening sulfur, allowing all the product's herbal extracts and other minerals to enter your pores deeper and quicker. Others combine a unique blend of essential oils, terpene and CBD for supporting deeper relaxation.

How to Make CBD Bath Bombs?

You only need a few ingredients and supplies to make CBD bath bombs. Some things you'll need include:

  • Measuring tools
  • A couple of bowls
  • Bath bomb molds
  • A wooden spatula or spoon

You'll find many different online bath bomb recipes, and all you'd need to do is simply add CBD oil.

In addition, you'll need some fizzing components like citric acid and baking soda. You'll also need the bath bomb elements such as witch hazel (or water), cornstarch, and salt. And, of course, don't forget about your CBD oil and a skin-friendly essential oil and carrier oil like grape seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil or sweet almond oil.

Are There Any CBD Bath Bomb Caveats?

CBD doesn't get you high, because it's not intoxicating, unlike THC. So, across all 50 states in the U.S., CBD bath bombs are legal as long as they're made with CBD from the industrial hemp plant.

While CBD doesn't get you high, it does provide some sedative properties, which can help you fall asleep after your bath. However, this isn't really a disadvantage, and is actually one of the various beneficial properties a CBD bath bomb has to offer. It helps relax your senses, and gets you ready for good quality sleep.

Typically, CBD bath bombs you buy at the store incorporate around 100 mg of CBD. But, the quantity could vary, and will depend on which brand you're using. If you prefer to make your own CBD bath bombs, you can add in CBD oil according to what you require. Just keep in mind, CBD tinctures all come in various concentrations, and one drop from one concentration won't be equal as another.

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