Why Third Party Testing is Crucial for CBD Products

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Hemp CBD is all over the U.S. today. It's in health shops, grocery stores, cooking oil, cookies, and cocktails. And, while it might seem CBD has taken the U.S. over, the hemp industry in the U.S. is still fairly new and unregulated by the USDA and FDA. So, this means if you're thinking about purchasing CBD products, like CBD for anxiety or cannabidiol and sleep disorders treatment, it's essential you do some research, and get an understanding of where the products you're purchasing comes from, and what type of quality they are.

Today, third-party laboratory testing is what separates high-quality from poor-quality CBD products. Third-party laboratory testing is where a company sends their CBD products to an independent company for testing the CBD concentration, and for ensuring there's no traces of pesticides.

Sadly, many companies providing CBD products aren't being completely transparent about what's in their products, simply because they're not forced to yet. Third-party testing helps companies ensure the quality of their CBD products, and gives you peace of mind when shopping for them.

Why Is Third Party Testing for CBD Products Crucial?

Several reasons including:

  1. Legality

The federal government has removed hemp from the controlled substances list recently, and has legalized industrial hemp. Although CBD is presently legal in most U.S. states, in some states, it is legal, but those products with any amount of THC aren't. In states that legalize CBD only when THC is eliminated, or in states where cannabis use isn't legal, many individuals are too nervous about using CBD products even with tiny amounts of THC.

  1. Psychoactive Effects

While hemp-derived CBD doesn't contain enough THC to make you high, even if you consume it in big amounts, some individuals are still worried trace amounts of THC could still lead to unwanted reactions.

  1. Pure CBD Product

Many individuals only wish to purchase pure CBD products. Full spectrum CBD is a CBD product of high quality, but it can still consist of 0.3% THC. Some individuals prefer to use only 99+% pure CBD (isolate CBD) products, so they can experience all the possible benefits of CBD.

When looking to buy online CBD products, your first step before you buy CBD is to check for third-party lab testing. Because the CBD industry is unregulated, you don't want to invest in products that don't contain CBD, or even worse, that aren't safe to use.

So, it's become very important to find CBD for sleep, CBD for anxiety, or other CBD products that have been third-party lab tested. High quality CBD products are curated by physicians, and tested through third-party laboratories to ensure safety, consistency, and potency.

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