5 Best Gifts to Give to Someone Who Needs to Relax

lady relaxing in bed

We all know someone who is always teetering on the edge of a massive panic attack from all the stress in their lives. You might even be that person in your life. Someone who is always on the go, and never seems to take a moment to sit back and smell the roses. The last thing you want to do for people in this situation is to give them another project to tackle, or an additional item for their “to do” lists. What you want to do is find them gifts, like those listed below, designed to help them relax.

  1. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blanket makers have made some lofty claims over the years related to how they can be used. However, there is some support for the idea that weighted blankets can help promote relaxation among those who use them while sleeping. SELF magazine reports that the weighted blankets deliver the sensation of deep pressure, similar to being hugged, that helps people feel relaxed and calm while sleeping. While this does not necessarily cure anxiety, as some may claim, it can help to reduce the feelings of stress many people experience consistently.

  1. The Gift of Meditation

Giving the gift of meditation is offering a gift that can serve that stressed out someone in your life for many years to come. Whether you offer a guided meditation subscription, meditation apps as gifts, or sessions with a local “meditation guru,” you’re offering the gift of coping skills and mechanisms designed to promote relaxation that will last a lifetime.

  1. CBD Pillow

Infused with patented micro-encapsulation technology, a CBD pillow releases anxiety reducing, sleep promoting, micro-doses of CBD throughout the night, helping to promote relaxation and quality sleep. Gentle movements, such as the friction of hair or the brush of skin helps to break the microcapsules while sleeping, so that they are released. It’s an ingenious design that can have friends and loved ones suitably relaxed upon waking morning after morning.

  1. Acupressure Mat

Acupressure has been used for centuries to promote natural healing, pain relief, stress relief, and relaxation. Once upon a time you could only achieve these sensations under the care of skilled individuals who had studied the art for years, if not decades. Today, you can give the gift of acupressure-related relaxation to friends and loved ones in a portable form. There are many different designs available. Look for acupressure mats that are well made and highly rated for best results.

  1. Professional Cleaning Services

Another great gift to give someone who is consistently stressed out is to take one thing off that person’s plate. Hiring a professional cleaning service for a one-time cleaning, monthly cleaning, or weekly cleaning can ease the burden of cleaning house, and make at least one thing be crossed off their lengthy lists of things to do.

Gifts that promote relaxation are all around you. These are highly effective gifts that can relieve stress and encourage relaxation for your friend or loved one over and over again. If you are perennially stressed out, or feeling an increased stress level right now, there is no reason you can’t gift one or more of these things to yourself as well.

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