5 Mindful Tips to Destress

letting go of stress

Being mindful is about slowing down and taking time to retune the most basic functions of your body. By taking a couple minutes to focus on just your breathing, you can drastically impact your stress levels, leaving yourself with a better perspective on life. Mindfulness, over time, can extend naturally to an awareness of your body, relationships, and experiences with other people. Below are five mindful tips to help you destress.

  1. Practice Mindful Breathing

Breathing is a basic human activity, but many individuals don't take the time to simply stop and start paying attention to it. While you're lying in bed during the night, begin focusing on just your breathing. Be sure to use all your senses as you feel your abdomen expand and chest rise, and then as you exhale gently. Only focus on just the sensation of you breathing, and nothing else. If you notice your mind wandering, bring it back gently, but pay attention to these wanderings, as they could be hinting to you what you're stressing about.

  1. Exercise and Eat a Snack

Getting out of your home to get some fresh air is in itself a relaxing act, but why not organize a family walk, so you can enjoy their company while you're also getting the exercise your body requires. You can also take a calming walk or jog by yourself, if you crave some alone time. Then, replenish the nutrients you lost with a tasty snack.

  1. Remember What Really Matters

With gridlocked traffic and long lines, everyday life can become hectic. When you allow yourself to become overwhelmed with this craziness, it can cause you to stress out. You should stop and ask yourself:

  • Can you use the moment as an opportunity to reflect? As the cashier is ringing up the several customers in front of you, why not take that time to reflect on the good things you're grateful for?
  • Where does the moment fit in the larger picture? If you're stressed out and irritated by the long line at the grocery store, keep in mind, it's only a long line, and nothing more. You shouldn't allow it to ruin the rest of your day. Use this time to think about times of the day you can go to the grocery store ― perhaps early morning or during the evening.
  • Can you make a stressful moment more pleasant? Turn a stressful situation into a pleasant one, if possible. Connect with another person in line with a kind gesture or compliment, or notice what is around you with an open mind and fresh eyes. If you’re in a long drive through line at the coffee establishments, why not perform a random act of kindness, and pay for a coffee for the vehicle behind you in the line?
  1. Pamper Yourself

Pampering yourself with a warm drink, a bath, or a nourishing meal can create a sense of happiness and calm, particularly during stressful times. Take some time to check in with yourself, and ensure you're feeling your best.

  1. Write and Release

Writing down your thoughts, and releasing them can help unclutter your mind. Whatever emotion you're feeling, write it down. Write down what's stressing you out at the moment. What's been going on lately? Why are you angry? When you write it down, it releases it from your mind, and allows you to still express it through written words. This will activate your brain's computer side, helping you gain more clarity.

Destress with a CBD Pillow

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