Can CBD Help Seniors Sleep Better?

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Insomnia is a common type of sleep disorder where you experience persistent trouble falling or remaining asleep regardless of having opportunities of doing so. If you have insomnia, you might also struggle with cognitive impairments and excessive daytime sleepiness while you’re awake. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with insomnia night after night, as there are a number of natural remedies — like CBD  — that can help.

Insomnia in Seniors

As you get older, you experience sleep pattern changes like:

  • Waking up earlier
  • Becoming sleepy earlier
  • Experiencing less deep sleep

But, waking up tired each day, having disrupted sleep, and experiencing other insomnia symptoms do not necessarily have to be a normal part of you getting older. Sleep is essential now to your emotional and physical health, just as much as it was when you were young.

Around 10% to 30% of adults struggle with insomnia, according to current estimates offered by the National Institutes of Health. Individuals who are 60 years old and older are more vulnerable to insomnia, which can be due to several different factors. They're at a greater risk of psychiatric and medical conditions, potentially resulting in symptoms of insomnia, along with sleep disorders, like restless legs syndrome or sleep-disordered breathing.

Your sleep-wake cycles and internal circadian clock can also change as you get older, and these changes impact how well and how long you sleep. Also, there are specific medicines used for easing symptoms of geriatric medical disorders that could cause disruptions in sleep.

Can CBD Help Seniors Sleep Better?

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is used by individuals of any age; however, seniors tend to really benefit from using it daily. Not only does it provide anxiety and pain relief, using CBD is a great way to:

  • Help you obtain better sleep
  • Reduce your use of various medicines, which could cause trouble after using them repeatedly over the years

CBD is a cannabinoid that comes from the hemp plant. It's non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn't get you "high", or impair your mental abilities. It's considered fairly well-tolerated, and while there still needs to be more research, it's showing promising results in being the treatment for anxiety, pain, and other health problems.

Seniors often have trouble sleeping because of their age, and because their hormones fluctuate. They don't produce as much of the growth hormone responsible for their sleep patterns any longer. Seniors experience less deep sleep than younger individuals do, and this can influence their health and mood.

Ways CBD Can Help Seniors Struggling with Insomnia

Here are three reasons why seniors could benefit themselves by adding CBD into their health routine:

  1. Pain Relief

It's been shown CBD makes a great pain reliever in seniors struggling with arthritis. It might even be better than prescription pain medicine. Medical, handmade, and boutique-style CBD creams could effectively help with different joint and muscle pain.

  1. Sleep Problems and Insomnia

As you age, it's harder to obtain deep sleep. During deep sleep phases, your brain is regenerated, and is freed from body-produced toxic substances. So, quality sleep is important for preventing age-related neurodegenerative diseases like glaucoma or Alzheimer's disease. Often, seniors are prescribed sleep medication that could cause unwanted side effects and dependency. CBD could help with insomnia and the deep sleep phase, while reducing the need for these medications.

  1. Anxiety

CBD has been shown through studies, to be effective for anxiety that causes sleep issues. If anxiety is keeping you awake, it might help to take CBD. It could help calm your mind and any disruptive thoughts enough for you to fall asleep.

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