MLB Removes CBD Ban

professional baseball player

Professional baseball players are now allowed to smoke cannabis without fearing any penalties. On December 12, 2019, Major League Baseball (MLB) made the decision to eliminate all cannabis products from their drugs of abuse list. Moving forward, the MLB is now treating cannabis in the same manner as they do alcohol. In addition to this, they've also made the decision to start testing for opioids and cocaine.

They made the announcement together with the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA). Both announced "natural cannabinoids", which includes CBD and marijuana, are no longer banned, and they've dropped any marijuana use-related suspensions.

These changes will begin during the 2020 spring training.

The MLB isn't the first to make changes to its marijuana policy. The World Doping Agency also gave their athletes the go-ahead to use CBD in 2017.

Benefits of CBD

A few ways CBD can benefit you are:

  1. Sleep

According to a Consumer Reports survey, around 10% of individuals in the U.S. who claimed to have tried CBD said they did so to help them sleep. Many of them said CBD for sleep worked. The positive association between cannabidiol and sleep disorders isn't surprising either. Around 80% of Americans report having problems with sleep at least once a week, another CR survey of 1,267 Americans showed. And, many sleep treatments, especially OTC and prescription drugs, aren't always effective or safe.

  1. Anxiety

Along with sleep, CBD-infused oil has the potential of helping with anxiety. In one study with 103 adult participants, CBD for anxiety was studied as a supplement to standard treatment. Seventy-two of the participants complained of anxiety (the rest complained of poor sleep). Results showed 79.2% (57 participants) had a decrease in their anxiety scores within the first month, and they remained decreased during the duration of the study.

  1. Pain

An European Journal of Pain published a study using an animal model to study if CBD might possibly help individuals with arthritis manage their pain. In the study, the researchers applied a topical CBD gel for four days to rats with arthritis. The results showed a substantial reduction in signs of pain and inflammation, without side effects.

A separate report studied the use of CBD for chronic pain. The report was based off multiple systematic reviews that covered dozens of studies and trials. Results showed significant evidence that cannabis can effectively treat chronic pain in adults.

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When you lay your head down on one of these soft, comfortable pillows, the treated textiles in it touch your hair and skin, which causes friction. The friction then breaks the microcapsules, which releases microdoses of CBD that your skin absorbs into your bloodstream, and throughout your body. It's at this point that you begin experiencing the potential benefits of the pillow.

Each pillow comes with several certifications such as a No Moisture Content Certification, No Microbial Impurities Certification, No THC Certification, and more.

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