What is CBD Microdosing?

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Are you considering CBD for sleep? Did you know that one steady microdose of CBD (cannabidiol) all night can be better than one large dose right before you retire to bed? This is because a large dose of CBD may not last in your system all night, which is why you want a microdose all night as opposed to one big dose before bed.

What is CBD Microdosing?

Generally speaking, microdosing is where you start low and go slow. Microdosing with CBD is no different. Basically, you're obtaining more from less.

Many individuals are surprised to find out you can achieve CBD's therapeutic effects at low, microdoses. For instance, let's say you've been taking one 25 mg serving of CBD for anxiety each morning with your breakfast. When it comes to microdosing, you could actually break up this 25 mg into five separate 5 mg doses you'd take:

  • In the morning
  • At lunchtime
  • In the afternoon
  • While you're eating dinner
  • Prior to going to bed

And, you can apply this microdosing technique to almost all types of CBD supplements. For instance, CBD infused oil and tinctures work well with microdosing, since they make it simpler for you to measure out precise serving sizes.

CBD helps your endocannabinoid system (ECS) to function at an optimal level. Your ECS manages processes, such as:

  • Sleep
  • Immune response
  • Pain
  • Metabolism
  • Mood
  • Inflammation

Microdosing CBD can help stabilize the ECS, diminishing the peaks and troughs you'd experience by ingesting one large dose. Microdosing CBD could help you maintain homeostasis that can affect how you feel physically and mentally positively.

Let's try another example — cannabidiol and sleep disorders. One single dose of CBD daily might not provide you with the lasting outcome you need. Therefore, you'd rather microdose with CBD throughout the night to ensure you have a constant level of symptom relief all night long, without the risk of waking up when the dose wears off.

Benefits of Microdosing CBD

Microdosing isn't a new consumption method. Historically, this tactic was used using mind-altering substances, like medical cannabis products containing higher levels of THC — an intoxicating compound. The idea behind microdosing was to enable an individual to take the substance, and avoid the intoxicating effects that could disrupt day-to-day life activities.

However, when it comes to hemp-derived CBD supplements, this psychoactive element of microdosing doesn't apply.  This is because CBD without THC isn't intoxicating; therefore with non-THC or low-THC CBD supplements, you won't experience the psychoactive effects, regardless of the amount you take or how often you take it.

Microdosing CBD is beneficial because it helps you keep a steady CBD level in your system, which is essential if you're relying on CBD's natural balancing properties.

By taking small doses of CBD consistently, it could enhance it's natural effects because you're stimulating your ECS consistently, encouraging its efforts of keeping your body functions balanced better.

How to Find your Ideal CBD Microdosing Dose

Each person is different when it comes to the optimal CBD microdosing dose. Each individual responds differently to CBD, and how it affects you will be influenced by:

  • Body fat percentage
  • Liver metabolism
  • Personal tolerance levels
  • Genetics
  • And more

When trying to determine the ideal dose of CBD, it's best to start low and go slow. You should start with a small dose, see how it makes you feel, and then increase your dose slowly as needed.

Get Started Microdosing CBD for Sleep Today

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