What is CBD Pillow Spray?

CBD pillow spray

Are you struggling to sleep at night? Waking up feeling groggy? There can be many issues that are preventing you from getting quality rest. No matter the reason, it is crucial for your well being and health to ensure a good night of sleep.

While the benefits of CBD are becoming more known and more widespread, one of the biggest benefits coming forth is the ability to help one sleep. CBD not only helps you sleep, but helps alleviate some of the factors that keep you awake, such as anxiety. So, what is the easiest way to obtain that good night’s rest?  About three sprays from a CBD pillow mist is all it takes!

What is CBD?

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound from the cannabinoid family that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant. CBD is actually derived from hemp, which is one of the oldest crops. While THC and CBD are both cannabinoids, CBD does not have the psychotropic properties that THC does.

What are CBD pillow sprays?

CBD pillow sprays are sprays that contain CBD that you spray on your pillow before you lie down, in an effort to relax your mind and body. Once your mind and body are relaxed, you will have a better chance to have a peaceful night's sleep.

How do CBD pillow sprays work?

You may think that spraying your pillow would make it moist, but that is untrue. In fact, spraying your pillow with CBD allows your pillow to essentially release CBD as you move during the night. The CBD attaches to your pillow fabrics, and releases when the fiber moves. When it is released, it is absorbed into your skin, or inhaled as you sleep. 

Sleep and CBD

A lack of sleep is becoming a health issue in the United States. In fact, a recent article stated that over a third of adults do not get the recommended amount of 7 hours. But preliminary research shows that CBD helps with sleep by regulating some of the factors that might be keeping you awake, such as anxiety. Additionally, it helps to maintain mood, appetite and circadian rhythms, which in turn--help you sleep. Furthermore, studies over the past few years show the benefits of CBD for treating such sleep disorders as insomnia.

What are the benefits of CBD pillow sprays?

There are numerous benefits to CBD pillow sprays while still receiving the perks of the CBD. 

  • Easy to use. Just a few sprays on your pillow, and voila! You are ready to go.
  • No taste. Some people have been said to dislike the taste of CBD (such as in gummies or drops). The spray allows you to avoid that.
  • Smells good. Many CBD pillow mists also contain essential oils, such as lavender. Not only will you get a good night sleep, but you will also have pleasant smells sending you off to sleep.
  • The biggest---it helps you sleep! The spray releases itself as you sleep to provide you with a decent night sleep. Feeling great in the morning is definitely a benefit.

Research is finding more and more benefits to using CBD, especially in regards to sleep. In fact, 10% of people who have use CBD products, use it for sleep. If you think CBD pillow spray may be right for you, check with your doctor who can advise on the correct usage and dosage for the best night sleep.

Did you know there is also a CBD Pillow that can help you to sleep better? The CBD Pillow and CBD Pillowcase are infused with patented micro-encapsulation technology that embeds millions of CBD microcapsules into your pillow. This technology enables the CBD Pillow and CBD Pillowcase to release micro-doses of CBD throughout the night to help you relax, and sleep soundly.