Why Your Pillow is So Important to Your Sleep

pillows on bed

Obtaining enough quality sleep is an important factor for healthy living. And, a key factor towards experiencing the full benefits of your time lying in bed is having a pillow that fills your needs. Your pillow can have a significant impact on your quality of sleep, and your general well-being. Let’s talk about why.

Functions a Pillow Serves

There are two basic functions a pillow serves when resting your head on one.

  • It provides support to your upper back and neck when you're resting. You need upper back and neck support when you're sleeping because your spine is naturally curved. When you have support for your neck and head, it helps maintain the right alignment of these spinal areas. When you sleep without adequate support, it not only can have a negative effect on your sleep, but it could also lead to back and neck stiffness.
  • It provides you with a better level of comfort than if you were to sleep without a pillow. Let’s face it, sleeping with a pillow is more comfortable than sleeping without one.

When you're looking for a pillow, it's important you take both these factors into consideration, as they will both play a big role in your sleep quality.

Benefits of Sleeping with a Pillow

Some of the most important benefits your pillow provides include that it:

  1. Provides Support

The proper pillow offers you adequate support while you're sleeping. You can find the proper type of pillow based on the way you sleep, and your specific needs.

General rules of thumb for pillow/sleeping position combination are:

  • If you sleep on your side, you should purchase a firm pillow to align your head, spine and neck.
  • If you sleep on your stomach, select a soft pillow.
  • If you sleep on your back, select a medium-firm pillow.

(Our CBD Pillow offers a wonderful customization feature for all sleeping positions. If ships firm, but you can remove filling to get it to the perfect firmness for you, regardless of your favorite sleep position!)

  1. Offers Increased Comfort Levels

Another benefit of selecting the proper pillow is that it provides you with optimal comfort. Ideal pillows provide you the necessary support you require to maintain your specific level of comfort throughout the entire night. Improved sleep comfort can help you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning, which adds more enjoyment to your life.

  1. Reduces Neck Pain

The association between neck pain and sleeping without a pillow has some caveats.

For instance, if you sleep on your stomach without a pillow, it could help keep your neck in a more natural position. However, it won't eliminate the need for you to turn your head, and this could strain your neck muscles and joints, causing you pain.

For other sleeping positions, sleeping without a pillow could cause or worsen neck pain. This is because when you sleep on your side or back, you can overextend your neck. When you don't have a pillow, your neck will remain in this position all night.

Also, when you don't use a pillow, you can experience uneven pressure on your neck muscles, causing the likelihood of experiencing neck stiffness, pain, and headaches.

  1. Allows for Better Sleep Posture

It's always a good idea to use a pillow if you're a back or side sleeper. It places your spine in an unnatural posture if you sleep without a pillow. It also strains your muscles and joints.

If you're a stomach sleeper, sleeping without a pillow could align your spine better. But, it won't offset the unnatural position completely. It will still be hard for your spine to remain neutral, since a great portion of your weight is within the center of your body. A tip is to place a pillow under your pelvis and stomach to promote better posture while you sleep on your stomach. This will help to lift the middle of your body, reducing pressure on your spine, even if you're not using a pillow under your head.

That said, if you have specific spine, neck, or back issues, it’s always wise to talk to your doctor regarding the best support you should have for sleeping.

Replace Your Pillow With Our CBD-Infused Pillow

We’ve talked about the benefits of sleeping with a pillow ― and to help promote even more restful sleep, consider using a CBD-infused pillow. CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid in the cannabis hemp plant. It has many potential therapeutic properties such as:

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Reducing pain
  • Helping with sleep

As mentioned, a fabulous feature of our CBD pillow is that you can customize the filling. It ships to you firm, but if you prefer a softer pillow ― say because you’re a stomach sleeper ― you can remove some of the filling to make it softer. The filling is made with a proprietary medium-firm blend of gel hypoallergenic memory foam with alternative down microfibers for both comfort & neck support.

Because your pillow can lose its shape, and will not provide you with adequate support over time, you'll have to eventually replace your old pillow anyway. Your old pillow has likely collected dead skin cells and debris off your face, which doesn't help promote good health. So, if you're going to replace your pillow anyway, why not try a CBD-infused pillow today, and finally obtain the quality sleep you deserve?

Try a CBD-infused pillow out for yourself and experience the wonderful CBD benefits it can provide you, along with the restful, restorative sleep it helps you achieve.

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