Consumer Reports 2019 CBD Survey Reveals CBD Usage by Age and Reason

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Since the 2018 Farm Bill passage, CBD has grown in popularity as an alternative wellness and health supplement. Surveys and studies are finding an increasing number of individuals are using CBD to replace their over-the-counter and prescription medications.

Consumer Reports surveyed over four thousand CBD users across the nation to determine if it's changing their lives, and if so, how. Here’s what they found.

What Consumers are Using CBD For

The survey showed consumers are using CBD-infused oil for:

  • Reducing anxiety or stress (37%)
  • Help with joint pain (24%)
  • For recreation or fun (11%)
  • Better sleep (10%)

Thirty-two percent of those using CBD for anxiety and stress are millennials; 12% are baby boomers. And 42% using it to help with joint pain are baby boomers; 15% millennials.

Individuals in the U.S. of all ages use CBD. It's most popular among individuals in their 20's, with 40% of them claiming they've tried it. But, 15% of individuals 60 years old and older have also tried it. And the survey respondents also claimed it was effective.

Who is Using CBD?

According to the 2019 CR survey of over 4,000 individuals in the U.S., of the approximate 64 million people in the U.S. who have used CBD, some include:

  • A mother who uses CBD for treating her son's seizures.
  • A dietitian who uses it to help her sleep better at night.
  • A veteran hoping it will get hoping to get off opioids.
  • A pet owner who uses it for calming an anxious Saint Bernard.

What Drugs are Users Replacing with CBD?

Almost half of the survey respondents who used CBD were not taking medicine when they begin using the cannabinoid, while 30% were using it to supplement their other medicines.

The other 22% were using CBD to entirely replace their medicines.  The medicines they replaced were:

  • OTC medicines (like Advil and Tylenol) - 47%
  • Prescription Opioids (like Percoset and Oxycodone) - 36%
  • Prescription antianxiety medicines (like Ativan and Xanax) - 33%
  • Prescription Sleep Aids (like Ambien and Lunesta) - 22%

Consumer Reports points out that In one 2018 review, it was found CBD could potentially reduce:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Seizures

And, CBD appears to work well for several common issues like easing joint pain and stress, CBD for sleep, and even cannabidiol and sleep disorders.

Where are Consumers Purchasing CBD?

Consumer Reports also surveyed where consumers were purchasing their CBD.

  • An online retailer - 27%
  • A brick and mortar retail store - 34%
  • A dispensary - 40%

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