Signs You're Mentally, Physically and Emotionally Burned Out

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If continuous stress has you feeling totally exhausted and helpless, you might be close to experiencing burnout. Burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by extended and extreme stress. It comes on when you're feeling emotionally drained, overwhelmed, and you can't seem to meet daily demands. As you continue experiencing stress, you start losing motivation and interest in things you once had no problems with.

Burnout drains your energy and decreases your productivity, which leaves you hopeless and resentful. You might even eventually feel like there's nothing more for you to offer. Various physical, mental, and emotional health symptoms can accompany burnout. If you don't address it, burnout can make it hard for you to function well in your day-to-day life.

Signs of Mental, Physical and Emotional Burnout

While doctors don't typically diagnose burnout as a psychological disorder, this doesn't mean it's not serious.

Some common signs of burnout include:

  1. Physical symptoms: Chronic stress could cause physical symptoms, such as stomach aches, headaches and intestinal problems.
  1. Work-related activity alienation: When experiencing burnout, you might see your job as becoming increasingly frustrating and stressful. You might become cynical about individuals you work with or your work conditions. You might start feeling numb about your work, and emotionally distance yourself.
  1. Decreased performance: Burnout primarily impacts daily work tasks or in the household when your primary job is having to care for family members. When you experience burnout, you might have negative feelings about these tasks, and find it difficult to concentrate.
  1. Emotional exhaustion: Burnout can cause you to feel wiped out, tired, and unable to cope. You likely don't have the energy to get things done.
  1. Lack of motivation: When you're not feeling enthusiastic about things, or you don't have the drive or motivation for work, you're likely dealing with burnout. It might be difficult for you to rise in the morning, and you find you have to drag yourself each day to work.
  1. Anger: Initially, anger might come on as irritability and interpersonal tension. Later on, it might turn into serious arguments with others, and angry outbursts.
  1. Anxiety: You might experience mild symptoms of edginess, tension and worry early on and then experience worsened anxiety as you start feeling burned out. Your anxiety could become so serious it causes issues in your personal life and disrupts your ability of being productive at work.
  1. Depression: You might feel a mild case of sadness and periodically hopeless in the early stages, resulting in you feeling worthless and guilty. But, when depression is at its worst stage, you might feel severely depressed and trapped, thinking the world is better off without you in it. You should definitely obtain professional help if your depression gets to this point.
  1. Insomnia: You might have difficulty falling or staying asleep a couple nights a week, in the early stages. Later on, insomnia might become a persistent nighttime occurrence, and as tired as you are, you still can't sleep.
  1. Increased illness: Since your body is exhausted, it weakens your immune system, and makes you susceptible to colds, flu, infections, and other immune-related health issues.

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